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Addiction Treatment Programs

Every year, millions of Americans struggle with some type of substance use disorder or chemical dependency. Substance abuse disorder occurs when individuals are unable to regulate their intake of drugs or alcohol. Ultimately, such substance abuse can lead to chemical dependency because brain chemistry has been altered to a point where it requires the drug or alcohol to make the person feel normal. In this way, substance abuse disorder is a disease requiring professional treatment if the individual hopes to heal properly. 

Recovery Bay Center, Panama City Beach’s best addiction treatment center has the therapies and services necessary to help individuals successfully reach sobriety. Contact Recovery Bay Center by calling 833.991.2955 to learn more about substance use disorder and mental health programs.

Who Needs Treatment for Substance Abuse Disorder?

A person who has come to depend on a dangerous chemical to feel a sense of normalcy—regardless of health and personal consequence—has most likely developed a substance abuse disorder. At Recovery Bay Center in Panama City Beach, Florida, we help men aged 18 recover from substance use disorder and mental illness. Moreover, we take pride in creating individualized treatment plans for each of our clients. Recovery Bay’s mindful, community-centered, therapeutic approach can help you regain control of your life. Our 22-bed addiction recovery treatment center has helped countless men rebuild lives that were once destroyed by addiction and mental illness. We are a men-only residential mental health and addiction center in Panama City Beach, Florida. Our boutique-style treatment center offers adventure therapy, a personal chef, and medical detox for clients 18 years of age and older. These are a few of the treatment options we offer:

Unraveling Addiction

The power of alcohol and other types of substance use disorder is mystifying to people who have never experienced it firsthand. In fact, research has supported the disease concept, suggesting that persistent, sometimes permanent changes take place in certain receptor sites and neurotransmitter pathways in the chemically dependent brain. Centers of the brain responsible for memory, feelings, pleasure seeking, pain avoidance, and self-regulation are dramatically affected by chemical dependence.

Research shows that the longer and more intensive the treatment, the better the outcome tends to be. Our current goal in dealing with the disease of substance use disorder is to recognize it earlier. Then, we intervene in a way that gets the person into effective treatment before permanent damage can take place. Drug addiction is a disease that destroys lives, communities, and families. Therefore, we the following to help fight addiction:

  • Vivitrol treatment
  • Adventure therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Moral recognition therapy (MRT)
  • Yoga and strength training
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Fitness coaching

Florida Rehab Programs Save Lives

In addition to the genetic and cultural factors that affect brain vulnerability, access to dependence-producing drugs influences a person’s likelihood of becoming addicted. Over time, people begin to view their drug of choice as a reliable, dependable friend. The pleasurable effects of the drugs are eventually followed by anxiety, depression, insomnia, lethargy, and cravings.

As a chemically dependent person’s thinking shifts toward relying on a chemical for satisfaction, users will strain family relationships. Eventually, work falls by the wayside. It is common for men to lose their social support system as they descend further into substance abuse. Sexual dysfunction is also common, but it is not permanent. Eventually, if physical maladies do not develop first, a chemically addicted person may decide to seek treatment—or be forced to by family members or loved ones.

Don’t let addiction continue to run your life. Instead, contact Recovery Bay to get more information about our all-male addiction treatment programs by calling 833.991.2955. We will be here when you’re ready.