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Holistic Therapy Program

Holistic Therapy ProgramHolistic therapy is a component of the overall recovery process from drug and alcohol addiction. It can also be useful in supporting you as you heal from mental health disorders. At Recovery Bay Center, we use these alternative therapy options to help encourage whole-body healing. With a wide range of therapy programs available, you are able to start the healing process and overcome many of the challenges you have.

What Is the Benefit of Holistic
Therapy in Addiction Recovery?

Alternative therapy does not replace traditional psychotherapy or talk therapy. Rather, it is designed to provide you with a way to heal the whole body—mind, body, and emotions. Being addicted to drugs and alcohol can change the way you think, your behaviors, and your overall quality of life. You may push aside your health and instead, focus just on drug use. With our therapy program, we can work closely with you to begin the healing and recovery process.

There are many benefits to holistic therapy, including:

  • Focusing on healing your whole self, mind, body, and spirit so that you can achieve your best overall outcome.
  • Enhancing stress relief, allowing you to work through challenges with more effectiveness.
    Reducing the risk of relapse by giving you healthy, good things to incorporate into your day
  • Improving your quality of life, improving eating habits, leading to improved sleep and exercise, and reducing cravings while doing so
  • Improve coping skills for challenges in everyday life

There is a lot of learning that you’ll do in traditional therapy for drug and alcohol addiction. That thinking and hard work can sometimes become overwhelming. With the use of this type of alternative therapy, you may be able to feel a bit better about the outcome and the experiences you have. For many men and women, these therapy programs can help them to rebuild their health and overall wellbeing.

What Type of Holistic Therapy Programs Do We Offer?

The good news is these are always growing and expanding. There is likely to be something available to help you to find this whole-body healing. We offer alternative therapy that incorporates things such as:

  • Basketball and sports fitness
  • Yoga therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutrition education and counseling
  • Community reinforcement and family training

When you enter into treatment with our team, you’ll explore a wide range of opportunities for holistic care. This is where you also get to pick and choose some of the types of care that feel good to you. You are never forced to do something you do not want to. However, we encourage you to use this opportunity to learn something new.

Expect Comprehensive Therapy Programs from Our Team

Holistic therapy is just one of the many types of therapy we offer at Recovery Bay Center. It is available to you when you enroll in our medical detox and residential treatment programs. You will have the ability to work with our assessment team to determine which types of therapy may be best for you.

Alternative therapy like this compliments evidence-based programs. You will still be working with a team of professionals to help you through the hardest components of your addiction and mental health disorders. Our team aims to make it as effective as possible.

Put Your Trust in Our Team at Recovery Bay Center

When it comes to overcoming your struggles, our dedicated team of professionals at Recovery Bay Center can help you. Learn more about our holistic therapy, including how it works and what you can expect. To learn more about our therapy programs, reach out to our professionals by calling 833.991.2955 or connecting with us online.