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PTSD Treatment Program

ptsd treatment programPost-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a type of mental health disorder impacting many people from all walks of PTSD treatment life. PTSD occurs when some type of trauma happens, and it is not processed properly by the brain. Over time, that trauma can impact your quality of life, thought processes, and overall wellbeing. PTSD treatment can help to alleviate the symptoms. Learn more about the trauma treatment Recovery Bay Center provides to our clients. Call us today at 833.991.2955.

How Does Post-Traumatic Stress
Disorder Happen?

Trauma is a term used to describe a wide range of instances in which some type of significant and profoundly upsetting event occurs that changes the way a person thinks or feels. There are various forms of trauma that can lead to this. This could be some type of abuse, such as physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. It can also involve seeing someone die, watching a loved one suffer, domestic abuse experiences, and intense wartime experiences.

When trauma like this occurs, the brain does not process it properly. Instead of taking in what’s happening and working through it, the brain tucks it away. The problem is that over time those memories can come back, sometimes with visual experiences. You may feel or sense something is not right. Other times, you may experience visual flashbacks of the event when you see, smell, or hear something that reminds you of this. This creates hard-to-manage symptoms of fear and anxiety.

Some of the most common signs of post-traumatic stress disorder include:

  • Flashbacks or seeming to relive the experience
  • Nightmares
  • Intense distress when something remains you of the trauma
  • Intrusive thoughts or images
  • Using drugs or alcohol to manage mood swings

What Can PTSD Treatment Do?

The goal of PTSD treatment is not to make you relive what happened. The first step is for your therapist to work with you to better understand what your trauma is, if that’s possible. This process will involve learning more about your history. Sometimes, you may not know what happened until you start to open up about your thoughts and feelings. Over time, you’ll learn more about what happened, and that’s when PTSD treatment can begin.

Trauma treatment aims to help prevent flashbacks of traumatic experiences and to help people develop healthy coping mechanisms. It is a process of relearning and teaching the brain how to properly communicate and work through these instances. For many people, PTSD treatment is an essential part of overcoming the challenges faced in various components of everyday life.

How Can Our PTSD Treatment Program in Panama City, FL Help You?

When you engage with our team in trauma treatment, you’ll work through a range of therapies. Many people with this condition also face drug and alcohol addiction. They often used these substances as a way to cope with the feelings they have or to shut out the negative thoughts and pain. It can be very difficult for you to do this on your own, but through our therapy, you can start to manage your mental health disorder and your addiction effectively.

We do this in our residential treatment program. Our PTSD treatment may be a component of your addiction recovery—if so, you may need detox to rid your body of harmful toxins. Once in our treatment program, you’ll learn how to better manage your thoughts and feelings through therapies such as:

Get Started at Finding the Right Treatment at Recovery Bay Center

PTSD treatment can change the course of your life and enhance your overall wellbeing. Our team at Recovery Bay Center offers comprehensive trauma treatment to help you. Learn more about post-traumatic stress disorder, what it may mean to overcome it, and how we can help you. Call 833.991.2955 to connect with our professionals today.