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Cocaine Addiction Treatment

cocaine addiction treatment programA cocaine habit is extremely difficult to overcome without help. It causes problems in people’s social, economic, and family lives. If you or a loved one struggles with cocaine addiction, there is help available. Our experienced team at Recovery Bay Center can offer support in our men’s cocaine rehab program. Contact Recovery Bay by calling 833.991.2955 to get more information about our substance abuse treatment.

If you are having trouble staying away from cocaine, you have an addiction. At some point, you are going to have to do something about your addiction before your life spirals out of control. The time is coming when the high isn’t going to be worth the pain and suffering that comes with it.

How Does Cocaine Abuse Develop?

Cocaine is a type of central nervous system stimulant. It can produce a lot of energy when consumed and often creates a sense of euphoric excitement. Because cocaine interacts with the function of the brain, it can lead to dependence quickly.

When a person uses cocaine, this stimulates the reward and pleasure centers in the brain. The brain recognizes that as a “good” thing and wants more of it. Over time, you may develop tolerance. That means you need to use more cocaine to get the same results.

Cocaine use is dangerous. It can cause sudden death, respiratory and heart failure, and toxicity that leads to numerous health complications. That’s why we offer addiction treatment services to people who are caught up in the cycle of cocaine addiction.

Signs of Cocaine Addiction or Dependence

Cocaine abuse involves a problematic usage of the drug despite consequences. A person has a cocaine addiction when he or she recognizes the risks of continuing to use cocaine but continues to do so. Signs of cocaine addiction and dependence often include these side effects:

  • Feeling depressed when not using the drug
  • Experiencing agitation, frustration, and mood swings without access to the drug
  • Hiding your use of cocaine even among friends who you used to use with
  • Thinking about and seeking out cocaine on a regular basis
  • Trying to stop using and failing to do so
  • Overdose

In these situations, cocaine addiction treatment is critical. The sooner you obtain treatment from drug rehab, the sooner it will be to get through addiction.

The Cocaine Addiction Treatment Process

To be clear, reporting to rehab to deal with your cocaine addiction is your only truly reliable option. There are no other treatment methods that deliver reasonable results in terms of people recovering for any meaningful amount of time.

When you first report for treatment, you will need to go through an intake process. The main purpose of the intake process is the gathering of information that will help the treatment staff determine the proper course of treatment based on your circumstances.

Cocaine Addiction & Withdrawal Symptoms

As a cocaine addiction sufferer, you might be curious about cocaine withdrawal. Admittedly, cocaine withdrawal is not as common or as severe as withdrawal might be with other drugs and alcohol. However, you could experience some rather significant withdrawal symptoms if you have been abusing the substance for a long time.

Since cocaine withdrawal is possible, you should start the treatment process with medical detox. While under the care of medical professionals, you will be able to detox as comfortably as possible. If you were to show any adverse signs of withdrawal, a doctor could decide to intervene on your behalf. Their intervention could take the form of relief medication.

Treatment Options After Detox

Once you have dealt with your withdrawal symptoms and cravings for cocaine, you should be ready for rehab treatment. During treatment, you would work one on one with a therapist with one goal. That goal would be to find the driving force behind your addiction.

To find the root causes of your cocaine addiction, you would need to get honest with yourself. That is the only way you are going to connect with the hurt that is causing you to abuse a dangerous substance that could kill you. If you find the root causes, you would then have a basis for developing solutions to your problems.

Individual therapy is always a core component in the cocaine addiction treatment process. Depending on the type of treatment program you agree to, you might also get an opportunity to experience group and or family therapy. With this in mind, let’s address your treatment options in terms of time commitment.

Residential Treatment

If your addiction issues are significant, you would probably want to go through a residential treatment program. As far as your time commitment, you would need to reside in the rehab facility 24/7. During that time, you would invest in individual therapy, workshops, group therapy, and family counseling when necessary.

When you are not attending therapy sessions, you would get a chance to interact with other residents on a personal level. That might include your participation in group recreational programs or your spending time taking advantage of the rehab facility’s amenities.

If for any reason residential treatment wouldn’t make sense for you, you could go through an outpatient treatment program.

Outpatient Treatment

As you might conclude, an outpatient program would allow you to keep living at home while going through treatment. You would be charged with the responsibility of showing up for all of your scheduled treatment sessions on time every time. If you think about it, outpatient programs exist for people who can act responsibly about treatment. As long as you follow the rules, there is no reason that outpatient treatment wouldn’t suffice.

As far as your time commitment, there would be two choices.

  • Choice A: A partial hospitalization program that would require you to spend as many as eight hours a day, at least five days a week in the treatment facility. A majority of your time would be spent working on you as an individual.
  • Choice B: While still focusing on individual therapy, this intensive outpatient option would require you to report to rehab for a minimum of three days a week for as long as six hours a day.

The best treatment option would be the one that delivers you a full recovery. It would be up to you are your therapist to decide how to best protect you and keep going in the right direction.

Get Help From Recovery Bay

We hope you will choose Recovery Bay in Panama City Beach, Florida. With the right attitude and a commitment to the treatment process, you would have an excellent chance of arresting your cocaine addiction on the way back to living a normal life again. Contact us today at 833.991.2955.