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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

dual diagnosis treatment programRecovery Bay Center is the oasis you’ve been waiting for if you are struggling with an unhealthy habit or lifestyle. Our boutique-style men’s recovery center feels more like a vacation than an addiction recovery facility, and our therapy-focused treatment approach makes our dual diagnosis recovery experience unique. Our team is committed to helping people get control of their addiction in a wellness-centered recovery community.

Here are a few of the issues we most commonly treat:

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Recovery Bay

Dual diagnosis treatment is important because it helps people with mental health disorders and addiction issues to receive the care they need. Individuals with dual diagnosis often have a harder time getting help, because their symptoms can be difficult to diagnose. Dual diagnosis treatment can help these people get the care they need so they can start to improve their lives.

Dual diagnosis treatment is also important because it can help prevent relapse. People with dual diagnosis are more likely to relapse if their addiction and mental health disorders are not treated together. Dual diagnosis treatment can help keep these people on track and help them stay healthy.

Our People, Our Rules

Going for addiction treatment doesn’t need to feel like a jail sentence. Our staff prioritizes your health over everything else. Furthermore, we don’t see the point in enforcing senseless restrictions or acting like drill sergeants. Simply put, the people you meet at Recovery Bay will change your life.

The staff at Recovery Bay works tirelessly to provide an environment that fosters healing, wellness, and friendship. Helping people get back on their feet is our life’s work; our staff has helped countless individuals overcome addiction to live happy, healthy, productive lives. We take pride in fostering a community of healing, humor, and health at our Florida addiction treatment center. We hope you’ll join us.

Out-of-Town Detox and Wellness in Panama Beach City, FL

Recovery Bay Center is an 18+ addiction recovery program. We welcome people from across the country to join our cohort of hope, healing, and health. Our treatment center is only a few hours away from Atlanta, Jacksonville, and New Orleans. In order to serve its purpose, a men’s residential rehab program offers the following therapies:

A Wellness-Centered Community of Health and Healing

We believe healing is most likely to happen in an environment with plenty of freedom, activities, events, experiences, and therapy options. While group and individual therapy may not be as exciting as rock climbing or surfing, it is an essential part of the healing process. Recovery Bay offers dual diagnosis treatment for men working to overcome addiction and mental health issues.

Join Our Community of Healing at Recovery Bay Center

Our team of nutritionists, personal trainers, medical staff, coaches, and therapists, can help you—or someone you love—get back on your feet and on with their life. We are only a few hours from Alabama and Mississippi, and only half an hour away from Northwest Florida Beaches International (ECP Airport).

If quitting on your own hasn’t worked, there is no need to waste another day. Feel like you’re out of options? In fact, you aren’t at all. Contact Recovery Bay today by calling 833.991.2955.