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Yoga Therapy

yoga therapy programAddiction therapy should focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit. To do that, we need to use holistic therapy alongside traditional, evidence-based treatment. At Recovery Bay Center, we offer a range of tools like yoga therapy that may encourage a healthy life free from addiction. It may be the type of support you need as a component of your recovery.

Yoga is an effective holistic therapy for many people battling addiction. That means it works to support your physical healing. Yoga, which is a type of exercise and muscle stretching activity, involves using the body in various ways not only for fitness but also for other benefits. When you consider it from the perspective of addiction therapy, yoga offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Reducing inflammation in the bought brought on by addiction
  • Encouraging healing of the body
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improving self-confidence and awareness
  • Improved energy levels and less fatigue
  • Increased strength and stamina

When you engage in yoga therapy, you’ll learn how to do some amazing things with your body. You will also learn how to breathe properly, how to center your breath, and how to manage stress and strain effectively. Yoga can do much more than help you to get stronger physically. It may help you improve emotionally, as well.

What Is Yoga Really About?

You may not know how yoga works as a holistic therapy, especially when you may not understand what it is. Yoga is a type of fitness program that focuses on movement and spirituality. The goal of yoga is to bring the mind and body closer to each other. This is done through the use of meditation, exercise, and controlled breathing. Different types of yoga help practitioners achieve different results.

When you engage in yoga, you’ll learn how to control your mind and body. You also gain improved mental clarity. Many people find yoga is a type of relaxing, focusing activity that gives them a better perspective.

At Recovery Bay Center, you’ll learn yoga from instructors with skill. Many people are surprised how effective yoga can be at helping people stay sober.

How Yoga Helps with Addiction Therapy

Addiction therapy is about healing the mind and body. To do this, addiction therapy needs to use tools to help manage many aspects of the body’s healing process. That may include controlling negative thoughts, minimizing withdrawal symptoms, and managing mental health. It also includes holistic therapy like yoga.

Yoga therapy helps with addiction recovery by working to heal the damage brought on by addiction. It can help with improving your physical health by reducing inflammation and improving physical fitness. It also aids in meditation and mental health support.

A Component of Your Addiction Recovery

At Recovery Bay Center, yoga therapy may be one of the components of your overall addiction therapy. It is never the only treatment used, but often one of the holistic therapies that may benefit your healing process. Some of the other therapies we may offer include:

  • Meditative therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Mindfulness meditation therapy
  • Nutritional therapy

The types of care right for you are dependent on many factors. When you come in for an assessment, we will talk to you about each one of these care options.

Focus on Your Future by Calling Recovery Bay Center Today

Yoga therapy is one of the options available to help you to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. As a component of holistic therapy, it works to give you insight and the opportunity to heal. Take the time to learn more about all of the addiction therapy we offer and find out how it can change your future. Contact Recovery Bay Center today at 833.991.2955 or reach us online now.