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Drug Addiction Treatment

drug addiction treatment programHealing Starts with the Right Florida Recovery Community

The community waiting for you at Recovery Bay Center has dedicated their lives to helping people overcome addiction and mental illness. In fact, our staff is the most talented, committed group of clinicians you’re likely to meet. They work tirelessly to provide an environment that fosters health, wellness, trust, and friendship among the men in our program.

Helping people get back on their feet is our staff’s life’s work. Consequently, we have helped hundreds of men overcome addiction to live happy, healthy, productive, meaningful lives. We take pride in fostering a community of healing, humor, and health at our Panama City Beach, Florida, addiction treatment center. We hope you’ll join us.

How Can Residential Drug Addiction Treatment Help Me?

A residential drug addiction treatment center in Panama City Beach, Florida, is the highest level of care available. Lodging and meals are included in the cost along with individual, group, and adventure therapy.

Remember that many people suffering with substance abuse disorder have co occurring mental health problems. If this is the case, our mission-driven staff is fully prepared help you cope with many co-occurring mental health issues, including:

  • Depression
  • Dual diagnosis
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Process and food addictions

Our residential drug treatment program can also provide safe medical detox to help you manage acute withdrawal symptoms. This is followed by medication-assisted treatment for help managing addiction long-term.

During residential drug addiction treatment in a Panama City Beach rehab, staff will introduce you to evidence-based and holistic therapies to help you learn how to manage cravings. Another essential component of the program helps you identify and change negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in response to excitement, stress, and anger. Finding a good sober network with a solid alumni program is another way to stay grounded and connected.

Understanding Addiction

Addiction is a vast and complex disease that is further complicated when combined with mental health conditions. Using drugs and alcohol causes your brain to release a powerful and overwhelming rush of intense, pleasurable neurotransmitters responsible for the positive effects during intoxication.

Without realizing it, you start to associate that substance with pleasure. This forces the brain’s pleasure and reward centers to change. When this association takes place, people seek out thoughts, images, people, and places that they associate with a particular substance.

People with addiction often develop these conditions simultaneously or in succession. When addicted individuals can’t get what they want, they may act out in dangerous ways to fulfill the needs of substance abuse. If you think about the life of someone with addiction, it’s not uncommon to see them traveling through all kinds of different medical diagnoses.

This often starts by first seeing signs and symptoms of mental health conditions. If left untreated, the risk for other problems increase as well. Drug or alcohol use can affect nearly every area of a person’s life, including mental health, physical well-being, relationships and employment.

Addiction impairs judgment and exacerbates existing mental health conditions. This makes it easier to spend recklessly on drugs and alcohol, take unnecessary risks, and neglect the people you hold dear. Failing to seek treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues can result in the following consequences:

  • Damaging or destroying every healthy relationship in your life
  • Acute and long-term medical and mental health problems
  • Aggravate existing mental health conditions
  • Lead to financial destitution
  • Cause employment problems
  • Cause organ damage
  • Lead to arrests and homelessness

A Drug Addiction Treatment Program in Panama City, FL is the Answer

Addiction is a vast and complex disease. Moreover, such a condition becomes even more challenging when a mental health condition exists at the same time. You need effective treatment for both conditions in order to recover successfully.

Addiction shouldn’t control anyone’s life. Therefore, don’t let it. Contact Recovery Bay Center’s 24-hour helpline at 833.991.2955 to learn whether our drug addiction treatment programs are right for you or a loved one.