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Benefits of Medical Detox

medical detox

Medical detox is a type of detox program in which medical care is available and provided to a person going through the process. This type of program is available as both a drug detox and alcohol detox for those who want to stop using these substances but cannot do so independently. Our team at Recovery Bay Center can help you through this process with care.

What Happens in a Medical Detox?

A medical detox program may be one of the essential tools available to you in addiction recovery. Detox is necessary for people who have dependence. That means the body and brain nearly demand access to the drugs so it can function. Because you are dependent, it is almost impossible for you to stop using these drugs on your own. However, it is not always safe to stop using drugs either. Sometimes, a sudden reduction in drugs can lead to a wide range of medical risks and even life-threatening outcomes. This is not common, and most people will just need help managing withdrawal symptoms such as pain, nausea, and headaches. Yet, doctors and nurses are available in medical detox to instantly react if something should happen to you. That means you can get medical care to meet those needs right away.

Consider the Benefits of Medical Drug Detox

When you choose a location like our own that offers medical detox, there are a few common benefits you’ll see.

  • Medical help is available in an emergency
  • Medications are available to treat withdrawal symptoms
  • Support is available through medications for mental health disorders
  • Medical care is available for illness, malnutrition, and injury
  • Therapy begins when you are ready
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In a medical alcohol detox, you have the tools you need to thrive and overcome your addiction. This means providing you with exceptional access to the right level of support you need for physical and mental health needs. In many situations, this can make the difference between recovering and relapsing.

What Type of Treatment Do You Receive?

Medical detox will provide customized care to meet your individual needs. This will differ based on your needs from a physical standpoint and a mental health standpoint. Our team can offer support through a wide range of addiction therapies, including:

In addition to this, our team provides a wide range of holistic tools and therapies that may also help you to heal. That includes everything from adventure and fitness-focused therapy to treatment for depression and anxiety. This combination of care may make a big difference in your mental health in the long term.

What Happens After a Drug or Alcohol Detox Program Like This?

That depends on what your needs are. For many people, it involves working one-on-one with our therapists in our residential therapy session. You will get continued help with medications and physical treatment to meet those goals. At the same time, you’ll work to develop life skills and heal relationship struggles. The first step is a full assessment to determine if you need medical detox. We can tell you more about how it will help you right away.

Take the First Step by Calling Recovery Bay Center Now for Support

Medical detox can be life-changing and lifesaving. Our team at Recovery Bay Center is here to help you with the process. We encourage you to learn more about drug detox and alcohol detox to ensure you have access to the type and level of care you need. Take the time to call us at 833-991-2955 or reach out online now. Doing so may change your future.