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Bringing in a Sober New Year


For people in addiction recovery, celebrations of any type may put you at risk. Even if you are confident in your health and your mental clarity, it is wise to simply stay away from substances that could put you at risk. Can you have a sober New Year that is still fun and does not make you feel like using drugs or alcohol? The answer here is yes. Remember the consequences of your drug and alcohol use. It might feel unfair that other people can drink and use drugs with no consequences, but life gives different people different gifts.

Decide What a Sober New Year Means to You

When you’re considering having a sober New Year, a change in perspective can be helpful. You may be thinking that you will not get to toast the New Year with alcohol or that the type of experience you’ve had with friends over the last few years isn’t possible anymore. Instead of looking at it from a nostalgic perspective, consider the benefits of holding onto your sobriety. Other suggestions for staying sober on NYE include:

  • Remember how heavily the benefits of sobriety outweigh the alternatives.
  • Live with gratitude.
  • You can still have fun, just in new ways.
  • You can be proud of your better decisions.

How to Host a Sober New Year

In addiction recovery, you will learn a great deal about staying healthy and avoiding relapse. One of the best ways to do that is by avoiding access to drugs and alcohol. For your sober New Year, create a plan that allows you to do just that. Having a good alumni network can also help you stay sober and feel connected to others even if you are in quarantine.  Start with planning your own celebration. Instead of going to friends, do something at your own home where you can control the beverages available. You can also host a virtual event or video call. Make sure that anyone that comes to your event is okay with not having alcohol present. 

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Enjoy Learning About Other People

Create opportunities for you to have some fun in a way that works with your situation. Stay up late with the kids watching old movies. Invite a group of people to your home to play some games. Spend time with just that special someone in your life that you are so grateful to have by your side. The key here is to work hard at finding your own way to celebrate this special day that does not include the use of drugs or alcohol. Then, focus on sober living in the New Year, too.

Finding the Right Help Is the First Step in Addiction Recovery

If you’re not there yet, but you want to be planning a long, healthy, sober life, then start with getting the support you need. At Recovery Bay Center, we offer a range of care to support you. Learn more about our services, including:

If you feel at risk for using drugs or alcohol and relapsing, do not wait to call for help.

Put Your Future in the Hands of Recovery Bay Center

While there is a lot to celebrate when it comes to a new year, it’s important to focus on your goals. A sober 2021 is within your reach. If you need addiction recovery support now, reach out to our team for it. Contact Recovery Bay Center, we can help you have that sober future you’ve been hoping for. To learn more about how we can help you, call 833.991.2955 or connect with us online.