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Recognizing Signs of Benzo Addiction

Two men discussing signs of benzo addiction

Did you know that some prescription medications have an extremely high potential for addiction? That’s why benzo addiction rehab centers are some of the most common rehab facilities you can find in major cities and other main U.S. locations.

Benzodiazepines, sometimes also called benzos, are commonly prescribed to treat stress-related illnesses such as anxiety disorders and insomnia. Some people can develop an addiction to these drugs through intentional misuse, although a few cases of benzo addiction develop even when people follow the instructions on their medical prescriptions. This is why the public needs to know what their options are when it comes to benzo addiction treatment. Although benzo withdrawal symptoms can be severe, professional help can reduce the initial discomfort of overcoming addiction.

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What Are the Signs of Benzo Addiction?

Benzo abuse can quickly lead to addiction. In fact, it’s common for people struggling with benzo abuse to develop an addiction in as little as two weeks. When someone abuses benzos to the extent that a loved one takes notice, an addiction has likely taken hold.

Signs of a benzodiazepine addiction may include the following:

  • Complete loss of control over benzo use
  • Continued use of benzos, despite risks to self or others
  • Denial of benzo addiction
  • Exhibiting random and sudden changes in behavior

What Should You Expect From a Benzo Addiction Rehab Center?

Benzos are often prescribed to people with mental health disorders, which means that most cases of benzo addiction are actually dual diagnosis ones with co-occurring disorders. Benzo abuse must be treated alongside the co-occurring condition that the prescribed drug was originally meant to treat or manage.

An excellent benzo addiction rehab center must be prepared to offer not just a rehab program but also specific dual diagnosis programs for clients who need them. It should also offer the full continuum of care needed for addiction treatment. In addition, benzo addiction rehab centers must provide clients with a wide range of treatment options to ensure not only effective customization but also an increased chance of success. These treatment options may include:

  • Assessment and diagnosis
  • A personalized treatment plan
  • Medical detox and withdrawal
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in the form of drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Inpatient and outpatient rehab
  • One-on-one, group, or family therapy sessions
  • Aftercare, which may include alumni or sober living programs
  • Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) approaches to care

MAT is a well-known treatment option for benzo addiction. However, the FDA emphasizes that it must be done with caution. The FDA also determined that buprenorphine and methadone can be prescribed to clients seeking MAT for their benzo addiction. In fact, these drugs can reduce the experience of withdrawal symptoms without causing clients to feel high like benzos would.

When Should You Consider a Benzo Addiction Treatment Program?

If you observe signs of benzo addiction in yourself or someone you love, getting professional help is the next step forward. Addiction is a lifelong disease, but it can be overcome and managed in a safe and healthy manner. However, getting better is not often successfully done alone and without medical supervision. Consider undergoing a comprehensive and extensive benzo addiction treatment program that focuses on your case’s specific needs.

Ready To Learn More About Recovery Bay Center’s Benzo Addiction Treatment Program?

If you’re looking for a benzo addiction treatment program in Panama City Beach, Florida, contact Recovery Bay Center today. You can call 833.991.2955 or reach out to our team online.