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Signs of Addiction in the Workplace

Signs of Addiction in the Workplace

Addiction is a disease that knows no boundaries, and it doesn’t care about people’s responsibilities or goals. It’s not uncommon for people struggling with addiction to continue using substances even in situations or scenarios where there could be dangerous repercussions. One such scenario is at work. In this setting, employees are generally expected to be sober and focused on their tasks at hand. Knowing the signs of addiction in the workplace could help if you or a colleague are struggling with a substance use disorder. Being able to recognize addiction is the first step on the road to recovery.

At Recovery Bay Center, we offer addiction treatment for professionals, alongside a wide range of comprehensive therapies to offer a truly holistic treatment program. We are Panama City Beach’s best addiction treatment center for your needs. Furthermore, our compassionate team members will work with you to help you reach sobriety. Our certified therapists and medical professionals will customize your treatment plan with the necessary services and therapies to maximize your chances of success. If you’d like to learn more about how we can get you back on track, call us today at 833.991.2955.

Common Signs of Addiction in the Workplace

Spotting the signs of addiction or substance use in the workplace can often be tricky. People have lives outside of the workplace that may contribute to their behavior or physical state within the work environment. One of the signs by itself isn’t enough to definitively say that a person has an addiction. However, seeing multiple signs regularly can be a good indication that a person is struggling with addiction.

The common signs of addiction may include:

  • Problems keeping a schedule, such as excessive absenteeism or tardiness
  • Sudden changes in appearance, such as wearing dirty or soiled clothes when they would previously be clean and neat
  • Physical symptoms, such as tremors, bloodshot eyes, or lack of coordination
  • Changes in mood, such as becoming withdrawn when they would previously be outgoing and friendly
  • Decreasing quality of work, such as increased incidence of errors or skipping responsibilities altogether
  • Periodic disappearances, such as extended bathroom breaks or running non-work-related errands during the workday

However, knowing these signs and recognizing addiction is simply the beginning. Remember that someone struggling with a substance use disorder must then seek help to treat it.

What is the Right Type of Addiction Treatment Program?

At Recovery Bay Center, we focus on serving men ages 18 and up who are struggling with substance abuse, alcoholism, and mental health issues. By having gender-specific treatment programs, we can give a great deal of support to men who are struggling with substance abuse in the workplace. The main component of our treatment program is individual therapy, but we do not stop there. What we offer includes:

Group therapy

The client has a safe environment where they can get support from other men who can identify with their experiences.

Mental health therapy

Clients who are struggling with substance use disorders often need help for mental health disorders as well. These would include depression, anxiety, PTSD, or bipolar disorder.

Holistic therapies

Our clients are encouraged to heal both body and mind at the same time. This is accomplished with a holistic approach that includes a range of activities to suit all tastes, such as basketball or yoga.

Get Sober at Recovery Bay Center in Panama City, Florida

If you or a colleague at work is struggling with a substance use disorder, you shouldn’t wait to start recovery. Our treatment center in Panama City, Florida, serves men ages 18 and up who are struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol. Our supportive and diverse community offers a venue for clients to heal from addiction in a vacation-style atmosphere. You can reach out to our compassionate and caring staff today at 833.991.2955.