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Helping a Codependent Loved One 


What does it mean to be codependent? This is one of the most complex components of addiction because most people have no idea they are contributing to a person’s addiction. If you have a loved one that needs addiction treatment, take the time right now to reach out to Recovery Bay Center for help. Our family therapy services are available to support you every step of the way.

What Is a Codependent?

Codependency occurs when a person sacrifices their own needs to meet the needs of another person. In other words, a person who is codependent feels they need to focus on something other than themselves so much so that their actions and thoughts are generally solely focused on other people. In addition, it may be a parent or a spouse that is providing for all of the needs of their loved one. In some ways, this can lead to a worsening of addiction. These relationships are unhealthy and unbalanced. Sometimes, in codependency, a person tries to save others by “curing” or “helping” that individual. For example, you may believe if you support your loved one enough, they will stop using drugs or alcohol. In some situations, the codependent will try to live with abusive behaviors in an effort to help the other person.

How Can You Help Someone That Is Codependent?

What makes being codependent more challenging is that a person has no idea what he or she is doing is bad. They believe that they are doing the right thing. That’s why it can be hard to convince someone to step away from abusive relationships or relationships where there is no love. Consider the following.

  • A person that is codependent generally has low self-esteem. They don’t see value in themselves but only value when they help others.
  • They typically do not set boundaries or respect them. Do they struggle to say no? Do they have problems with hiding their feelings?
  • Self-denial is very common. They may deny their own needs, thoughts, emotional wellbeing, and self-care for the support they provide to others.
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When this is occurring, it’s time to reach out to your loved one to get them help. Family therapy, which is a part of addiction therapy in many situations, can provide a good starting point. What’s most important is to encourage your loved one that is codependent to step back and allow the individual with an addiction to get help. They must realize that the person needs addiction treatment from a professional. From there, it is often important to incorporate family therapy. This is a time for each person to understand his or her role in the recovery process and to work together towards the healing process. If you are codependent, realize that family therapy can open new opportunities to build a stronger relationship during the recovery process.

Finding Help for Addiction Treatment

When choosing the right location for addiction treatment, ensure there is a family therapy program available. It can help to not only ensure each family member receives the care they need, but also to ensure the best outcome in the long term in avoiding relapse. For those who need help, reach out to our team. Learn more about our therapies including:

Reach Out for Immediate Help from Recovery Bay Center

No matter if there is a codependent or not, getting help for yourself is your first priority. If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, our dedicated team of professionals is here to help you. Learn more about your addiction treatment and the family therapy we offer at Recovery Bay Center. To do so, give our team a call at 833-991-2955 or connect with us online.