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How Trauma Can Affect Substance Abuse

Trauma and Substance Abuse

Trauma is one of the leading causes of mental health disorders. A traumatic experience during childhood can affect a survivor into adulthood. Sometimes it can lead to drug and alcohol abuse—many teens who undergo neglect and abuse resort to substance use. Trauma and substance abuse can ruin different areas of life, including career, education, and relationships. Fortunately, if this affects your loved one, you can help the individual seek long-term care at a Florida men’s recovery center that offers trauma therapy. Recovery Bay Center looks into the link between trauma and substance use disorders and offers support through traditional and adventure therapy methods.

The Link Between Trauma and Substance Abuse 

Traumatic experiences can leave long-lasting impacts, making it difficult to deal with day-to-day stressors and emotions. Such individuals can turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as abusing drugs and alcohol, in many cases. For example, most residents of behavioral rehab facilities are trauma survivors.  A substance use disorder can also cause trauma. The situation often occurs to people who turn to violence and risky behaviors after abusing substances.   Some people abuse substances after traumatic experiences to numb the uncomfortable feelings associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The severity of the symptoms depends on each case, but the most common signs include insomnia, depression, social withdrawal, and hypersensitivity.  Using drugs and alcohol may only numb these feelings, but they cannot offer a long-term solution. You may think you are managing the symptoms initially, but a substance use disorder can prevent you from overcoming traumatic experiences.   If you are looking for long-term behavioral change, visit a rehabilitation center for addiction treatment. In rehab, you will gain access to a wide range of proven treatment programs, such as: 

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The Causes of Trauma 

While experts believe there is a link between trauma and substance abuse, the situation may differ depending on an individual. For example, some marines may be okay after participating in a devastating war, while others may suffer PTSD.   Many situations can lead to traumatic experiences, including: 

  • Childhood abuse
  • Life-threatening experiences
  • Sexual violence
  • Domestic abuse
  • Catastrophic weather events
  • Domestic abuse 

Childhood abuse can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, with its effects continuing into adulthood. The severity of the reaction depends on several factors, such as your biological and emotional coping mechanisms. 

Trauma and Substance Use Disorders Treatment

If you or your loved ones grapple with an addiction disorder, seeking professional assistance is vital to continue a purposeful life. One excellent option to consider is a men’s detox center, which is specifically designed to help men navigate the early stages of recovery in a safe and structured environment. These centers understand the unique challenges that men face during the detoxification process and offer targeted care to address both physical and mental health needs. Addiction treatment, such as that offered at a men’s detox center, helps you avoid a risky substance abuse lifestyle and focus on important goals. With the guidance of experienced professionals, clients are able to effectively transition from a life of addiction to one of recovery and growth. This important step allows individuals to rebuild their lives, with the focus shifting towards building a rewarding career, taking care of family responsibilities, and maintaining healthy, supportive relationships. Ultimately, opting for treatment at a men’s detox center can be a pivotal move towards reclaiming control of one’s life and future. Rehab professionals understand how traumatic experiences can alter the mind and body. That is why they focus on solving the underlying issues. If you have trauma and start abusing substances, therapists can recommend treatment programs for co-occurring disorders. Treating substance use disorder without understanding its root cause may not help.  Dealing with trauma and addiction is not easy. A single devastating event can lead to PTSD, affecting life from childhood to adulthood. While treatment is possible, the process is long-term.   Trauma therapy can help you understand your situation and gain life-skills for coping. 

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Contact Recovery Bay Center for Expert Help

Are you struggling with trauma and substance abuse disorders? Do not let the condition ruin your life opportunities. Rehab professionals can examine your situation and offer a personalized treatment program for a successful recovery. Addiction disorders have damaged many people’s lives due to their failure to seek professional assistance. Contact Recovery Bay Center in Panama City Beach, Florida at 833.991.2955 today to speak to our therapists for expert advice.