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How to Enjoy Sober Fourth of July

sober fourth of july

Everyone loves to celebrate, and the Fourth of July is a great time to have a party with friends and family. One downside of going to one of these parties, especially if you struggle with alcohol abuse, is being surrounded by alcohol. It is completely normal to see alcoholic drinks at a celebration, but it could be difficult if you are prone to temptations when around them.

Even if you don’t drink, you can still have plenty of fun. There are so many ways to enjoy yourself at a Fourth of July party. By using these tips, you and your friends can have a fun and sober holiday.

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How to Enjoy a Sober Fourth of July

Don’t think that you can’t enjoy yourself at a party if you struggle with alcohol abuse. You can partake in many different activities to keep you occupied, and you can even get some friends to join you for extra support. It’s time to consider all of the ways you can have a fun and sober Fourth of July:

Party Games

With the weather warm, and hopefully the sun shining, you can join in on many fun games outside. Some enjoyable options could be:

  • Cornhole
  • Horseshoes
  • Volleyball
  • Swimming

Get some friends and play some games. It’s a great way to socialize, and alcohol doesn’t have to be part of it.

Socialize with People Who Don’t Drink or Drink Less

Surrounding yourself with people who don’t drink will lessen the temptation to have a drink yourself. Stay away from where the alcohol is, and enjoy good conversations with friends.

See Fireworks

Fireworks are a great sober activity. The bright lights are an excellent distraction and a fun thing to do, either alone or with a group.

Throw Your Own Sober Fourth of July Party

If you are in recovery for alcohol abuse or are recently sober, you may be nervous to go to a social event. If you are worried, consider throwing your own sober party. You and your loved ones can have plenty of fun with games and good food.

Don’t Be Afraid to Leave

In some cases, if it is too difficult to be around alcohol, the best thing you can do for yourself is leave the party. It may be hard and you may not want to, but it’s important for your health. You may even want to go with a friend who will leave with you so that you won’t be alone.

Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

A treatment program is the best way to achieve and maintain sobriety. A treatment center like Recovery Bay Center can help you to decide what would work best for you and your needs. You might benefit from:

  • Drug and alcohol detox – Helpful in the beginning stages of recovery to get alcohol out of your system
  • Inpatient rehab – If you are unable to take care of yourself or function alone, an inpatient program will give you 24/7 care
  • Alcohol addiction treatment – Learn how to cope with addiction and gain sobriety skills

Each of these treatments has different benefits, and some may work better than others depending on your dependency level and the amount of care that you require. Talk to a professional to decide what is best for you.

Learn More Sober Tips at Recovery Bay Center

Don’t let alcohol ruin your Fourth of July. Recovery Bay Center can help you learn how to not just live, but enjoy a sober life. Through one of our many treatment programs, we can help you on your way to recovery. Our team members are happy to help you choose the best program for you. Call us to learn more about how we can help you at 833.991.2955.