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National Alcohol Screening Day

national alcohol screening day

National Alcohol Screening Day is a day set aside each year to raise alcoholism awareness and of alcohol use disorder as a treatable condition. Since alcohol consumption is a socially acceptable activity in our society, it can be difficult for people to recognize the true impact of their alcohol use on their life and health.

Have you ever wondered whether or not you had a drinking problem? Do others in your family struggle with excessive drinking or alcoholism? It can be helpful and empowering to learn more about alcohol addiction and misuse, especially for someone who may be experiencing issues related to their drinking.

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Learning the Truth About Your Drinking: A Wake-up Call

The line between someone who has fun drinking with friends and someone who has a drinking problem can be extremely fine. Most people do not realize when they have crossed the line, but eventually problems will emerge that make the issue more clear. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to learn if your drinking is becoming a problem:

  • Do you drink when you are by yourself?
  • Do you take steps to hide the extent of your drinking from others?
  • Has drinking caused you to get in trouble at work or with the law?
  • Are any of your relatives current or former alcoholics?
  • Do you drink alcohol before doing activities in order to feel normal or relieve anxiety?
  • Have you experienced any injuries or health problems due to drinking alcohol?
  • How would you feel if you had to go somewhere for a week where there was no access to alcohol?
  • Have any family members or friends spoken to you about your drinking or asked you to stop/cut back on drinking?
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What To Do If You Are Concerned About Your Alcohol Use

Alcohol use disorder is a treatable condition. Many people who never thought they would be able to stop drinking alcohol have been able to get help by attending an alcohol addiction treatment program.

There are many reasons that a person might have started drinking in the first place, and an alcohol addiction treatment program can help uncover and address those reasons. Addiction is a disease and, like other diseases, it requires proper treatment and support in order to begin the healing process. Even someone who has been drinking alcohol for a long time can recover from alcoholism with the right help.

How to Support Someone You Care About Who Needs Help to Stop Drinking Alcohol

It can be difficult to watch someone that you love struggle with addiction. Addiction can be very harmful to relationships and families, but people who are battling it need their support system more than ever. Here are some tips for being supportive of someone in recovery:

  • Support, but don’t enable. Enabling actually makes the problems of addiction worse.
  • Be available. Offer to talk, do things with your loved one, and include them as much as you can in activities so that they can feel supported in a sober environment.
  • Educate yourself about alcohol use disorder and addiction in general so that you can be a supportive advocate for your loved one.
  • Help your loved one stay accountable. Consistency is important.

Heal From Alcoholism at Recovery Bay in Panama City, Florida

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