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Nurses and Addiction

Nurses and Addiction

It’s no secret that being a nurse comes with many stressors. Between the long hours and taking care of so many patients, the job can be overwhelming. Everyone has their own way of coping with this kind of stress, but sometimes they don’t pick the healthiest options. Some nurses turn to substances for relief, which can lead to substance abuse and addiction.

There are many reasons why nurses may use drugs and alcohol as a stress reliever, but using these on the job is dangerous. It’s important that they get addiction treatment for professionals, and find new and healthier ways to relax and unwind from a hard day. If you or a loved one are in need of treatment, contact Recovery Bay Centers at 833.991.2955 to find out what we can do for you.

Why Nurses Struggle with Addiction

Nurses deal with a lot of stress and work under a lot of pressure every day. They work long hours and sometimes deal with serious problems. All of this can lead to mental health problems, which can lead to bad choices when it comes to self-care.

Just because nurses are more aware of substance abuse and its effects, doesn’t mean that they are able to resist the urge to self-medicate. If they get too tired or too overwhelmed, they might be more likely to turn to substances. Nurses also have more access to drugs since they work with a variety of them in hospitals and doctors’ offices. If they take advantage of this, they are more likely to become addicted.

Dangers of Nurses with Addiction

Being a nurse requires a lot of patience, thinking, and sharp focus. Without these skills, it’s very difficult to work with patients and provide them with the necessary care that they need. There are many risks that come with substance abuse in the workplace. Some of these dangers can be:

  • Confusion with medication – Increased chance of messing up amount or type of medication patients need
  • Chance of harming patients – Risk of harming patients while treating them due to not being in the right state of mind
  • Making poor decisions – Saying or doing things that you normally wouldn’t that could get you into trouble

By using substances on the job, you risk the health and safety of the patients and yourself and possibly risk your job. Nurses can benefit from treatment as much as anyone else.

Addiction Treatment for Professionals

With all of the stress that comes with nursing, it’s not completely surprising that nurses can struggle with addiction. Getting treatment can help you feel better, and learn how to better manage the stress and anxiety that comes with the job.

An executive/professionals program is an excellent option for nurses. This program will help you learn how to deal with your professional life. If you are unhappy or are just having a lot of anxiety, this program can help you manage your feelings toward it.

Some other treatment programs to choose from are:

  • Group therapy
  • Holistic therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Motivational enhancement therapy

Whether you have struggled with substance use in the past, or you have just started, finding a program that works for you can help you in your professional and personal life.

Professional Help for Professionals at Recovery Bay Centers

Nurses have one of the most physically and mentally taxing jobs in the world, and it isn’t surprising that some of them find relief in substances. There’s no shame in admitting this and reaching out for help if you need this. Recovery Bay Centers can get you the help you need and make sure that you can take on even the toughest work days. See how we can help you by contacting us at 833.991.2955.