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The Importance of Repairing Relationships

The Importance of Repairing Relationships

Addiction is a disease that can affect many parts of your life. Relationships can be negatively affected when you are struggling with addiction. This can be due to your behaviors toward people you care about, your struggles with finances, or even legal troubles that may arise. Getting sober is one of the best steps that you can take to improve your situation. However, you may still have some relationships to repair when you do reach recovery.

Repairing relationships can be a difficult and time-consuming process. But this process is made easier with Recovery Bay’s family therapy program. With family therapy, you can help your family to better understand your troubles while you all process how to repair the relationship together.

Repairing Relationships In Group Therapy

Addiction makes it hard to look beyond the self. This can make your actions and reactions in the world a bit myopic. Because of this, your relationships may suffer. You might borrow or steal money or drugs or let down the most important people in your life with your behaviors.

Financial and legal troubles could mount as you struggle with addiction. This lets down those around you, as well. Repairing relationships is not an easy process, as it can involve those you love as well as people you encounter, such as co-workers or your boss. However, repairing relationships is necessary to find support and balance in your life.

Making amends is easier when you have help. With Recovery Bay’s family therapy program, you can work together with your family to better the relationships that have been affected by substance use. This can help you get the support that you need while you navigate your recovery.

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Family Therapy Program

Family therapy is a type of therapy that engages your family members in the therapeutic process. In group therapy, a facilitator will lead the group discussion. The group then works together toward a similar goal. Group therapy offers a safe space to those who are practicing communication skills.

During this process, each member should strive to better understand addiction processing and the depth of the aftercare process. A professional member of our team will help facilitate your team of support by leading discussions that help to incorporate your new sober self into the family dynamic.

Family therapy can help to illuminate how addiction is like an illness that needs treatment. There are many benefits to family therapy, including the following:

  • Help family relationships grow
  • Develop the sober self in a safe space
  • Repair any problems within family relationships
  • Work together to promote cohesion of purpose
  • Prioritize your recovery within the family unit
  • Resources for understanding addiction recovery
  • Assistance in modeling how to support the individual in recovery
  • The therapist shares strategies for successful communication and healthful coping methods
  • Identify hereditary addiction to avoid future or generational addiction
  • Learn more about each individual’s communication styles

As you can see, the benefits of family therapy can be extremely helpful in leading to an understanding of addiction. Repairing relationships can be a complicated process. However, that process of making amends can be made easier with the help of Recovery Bay’s family therapy program.

Make Amends With The Help Of Recovery Bay

Making amends is an important step in the process of recovery from addiction. That is why Recovery Bay has a whole program to help you reconnect with family members. This personalized therapeutic environment will support your sobriety and help your loved ones better understand the disease of addiction.

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Call us at 833.991.2955 to learn more about repairing relationships in recovery. Get the support that you need. Take a step toward your full recovery by mending relationships with Recovery Bay, today.