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Why You Shouldn’t Detox at Home

Why You Shouldnt Detox at Home

Substance use disorders affect millions of Americans each year. Addiction is difficult to overcome, but it is possible. If you’re struggling with a substance use disorder but have made the decision to get sober, it’s important that you ask for help. Stopping the use of all substances is one of the first steps toward recovery, but it has to be done the right way. Detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be dangerous when done without supervision. While there may be an impulse to cut out all substance use right away, you shouldn’t be trying to detox by yourself at home.

If you’re committed to getting sober and need a drug and alcohol detox center, Recovery Bay Center is here to help. Recovery Bay Center is a drug and alcohol detox center in Panama City, Florida, that serves men ages 18 and up, and offers a wide range of treatments and therapies to go along with your detox program.

Our compassionate and understanding team members know how difficult it can be to experience withdrawal symptoms and will treat you with the utmost care during your recovery. If you’d like to learn more about how you can take your first steps toward a sober life, call us at 833.991.2955.

The Risks of Detox at Home

Attempting to self-detox means you are beginning the process of recovery without outside help. This means you don’t have the benefit of medical care and supervision, which is the key to successful detox. Even if you’re able to get through detox at home and stop using drugs and alcohol, this is rarely true recovery and relapses are common. Detox isn’t a permanent solution to a substance use disorder. Instead, it’s merely the first step in a long line of many steps you’ll have to take toward a sober life.

Some of the risks of detoxing at home include:

Lack of immediate medical care

Withdrawal symptoms can hit very hard in the early stages of detox. The longer you have had an untreated substance use disorder, the more severe the symptoms tend to get. It’s possible to experience withdrawal symptoms for days or even weeks after you stop using drugs or alcohol. Some of the symptoms can be life-threatening, so monitoring and medical care are crucial to getting through the process.

Absence of support

One of the biggest indicators of a person’s ability to recover from substance use disorder is the level of support they get. This isn’t necessarily about talking with friends and family, as most people will welcome a person’s choice to get clean, but about others who have gone through the same journey.

Detox in a drug and alcohol detox center can put you in contact with others who have experienced the same things you are experiencing, and they can give you the support needed to push through and commit to recovery.

Lower effectiveness and a high chance of relapse

Detoxing is an experience few people will ever want to repeat. It can be painful, frightening, and stressful. However, detoxing at home may mean that a person will have to repeat the process once they relapse. The success rate of at-home detox is low, and even those who are successful tend to go back to substance use because they haven’t addressed the root cause of the substance use disorder.

What Are the Benefits of Detox

Even though there is a cost involved, detox at a drug and alcohol detox center has many benefits:

  • Improved health once you stop using substances
  • A stronger and more robust support system of peers who can relate to your experience
  • Additional treatments and therapies that give you the best shot at long-term recovery

Enter Detox at Recovery Bay Center

Our treatment center helps men ages 18 and older who are suffering from addiction, substance abuse, and mental health disorders. Sobriety doesn’t happen overnight, but we are here to support you in your journey. Reach out to Recovery Bay Center to begin healing. Contact us at 833.991.2955 and we can get you started on your recovery.